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Real Ghost Stories – Haunted Hospital Ghost Girl

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25 Responses to “Real Ghost Stories – Haunted Hospital Ghost Girl”

  1. Kwoww1992 says:

    @n1kingopopfan LMFAO haha that’s a good one! :)

  2. ziled023 says:

    @EddyTheOliveira hilarious

  3. Mineav says:

    Cool story, bro.

  4. 2urita says:

    I once saw a lady ghost inside a nursing home from my hometown. Only that she was at all not scarey; everything of her was all reassuring. For a ghost, she was sweet, warm and charming. She was a great beauty in her attire of WWII fashion era – a Joan Blondell lookalike in looks. She appeared suddenly when she saw me consoling an elderly patient in bed. Upon looking at the patient, she had an expression of a motherly love. She turned to me, thanked me for caring for her daughter and disappeared.

  5. EddyTheOliveira says:

    So here’s the story summarized:
    Girl with ball.
    Guy comes into the hallway.
    Sees girl bounce ball.
    Girl stops and gives a rape face.
    She reaches out for him.
    Tried to mouth words (nothing came out though which was a shame).
    Disappears in thin air.
    Guy gets confused.
    The end.

  6. BabbbyGirl123 says:

    @TheLegendmonz – They Act It Out Whenn He Explainss , So Yhuu Can Kno What Happened .. ( :

  7. Vizarie200 says:

    well, guys actually it happens on me before. lik.. it was 2010 of nov. 1 i was accidentally fell on the car. and i was bring into the hospital . i took lik..3months there. to re arrange my broken bones.., and actually lik having a bestfriend..” Ghost ” every time she appeard on me, when theres no one goes inside my room. and she’s 12 years old girl. she appeard when my mom went out. and when some body was sleeping. like.. night of 12:00

  8. glittermaj says:

    thumbs up if u checked the comments before u watched the video :P

  9. TheGreatMillz says:

    I bet there’s a sad story to that girl. ;__;

  10. AshLil12 says:

    u can say creepy!

  11. anonymous7465 says:

    i saw a ghost in my room once i took a picture of it on accident once when me and my cousin were playin with this new camera i got for christmas and it looked like one of those virgen de guadalupe statues so i guess it was an angel or a good ghost

  12. BubblexL0v3able says:


  13. jackloveshisangelo says:

    @n1kingopopfan literally the most amazing comment I ever did read

  14. Goten998 says:

    i was scared the girl was gonna scream so i had to look from a far distance from my screen xD

  15. HotGeneration100 says:

    This guy sees a ghost every week.

  16. amigos1996 says:

    @jascar111 lol sure i will

  17. amigos1996 says:

    @jascar111 lol sure :)

  18. jascar111 says:

    @amigos1996 when that happens count me in.

  19. TheLegendmonz says:

    how did they record it when the guy was in the hospital

  20. PeaceMaker137 says:

    @James1239170 if I ever get the chance I would try my best and to whatever it takes to help a ghost

  21. PeaceMaker137 says:

    I have always wanted to see a ghost it’s sounds cool idk why Ghost´╗┐ linger here they should move yall to see their loved ones

  22. James1239170 says:

    @PeaceMaker137 yeah I heard only ghosts can communicate with eachother. Ghosts are solid to other ghosts such as humans are solid to humans but ghosts are not solid to humans.

  23. James1239170 says:

    @PeaceMaker137 yeah

  24. PeaceMaker137 says:

    @James1239170 somebody need’s to find a way to help that poor girl and put her soul to rest make’s me wanna cry you can tell by looking in her eyes that she’s trying to get help


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